Controls & Discipline

Communicate with our Account Manager. Follow our task management system to ensure no deadline is ever missed



  • Set up over all process to ensure discipline in team
  • Clear and written communication wherever possible
  • High quality of data entry through regular team training
  • Restricted access to edit - hence get the entry right the first time

On Time

  • Tasks are created in ticketing system for all deliverables
  • Account Manager responsible to ensure all tasks are completed
  • Reports sent via pre-scheduled emails
  • Escalation to Seniors when any deadline is missed


  • Permission based user settings with restricted access to each user
  • Restrict / Alert where negative stock arises
  • Create exception list for advance payments with bill pending
  • Set up credit limits and credit periods
  • Use Price Lists, Order Management, Inventory Controls


  • Approvals set up for each entry
  • Reminders for approvals sent to approver and his senior to ensure approvals are done properly
  • Overview of accounts and periodic review of accounts done


  • Senior Account Manager assigned to each account
  • Back dated create and edits restricted
  • Clearly defined rules for entries
  • Regular training to team
  • Reward and Penalty matrix for RealEdge team


  • All entries have supporting documents attached
  • Entries are indexed and referenced so that they can be easily located
  • Bank Statements, Registration statements etc. which are not for specific entry are saved in general document folder