Intelligent Book Keeping

Ensure zero errors for data entry with pre-configured entry rules


Master Creation

Master Creation is one of the most critical parts of accounting - but is oft ignored. Our team ensures a stream-lined ledger / item master with no duplicate ledgers and access only to senior account managers to be able to create new ledgers. While creating ledgers, all details are captured - such as GST details, address, tax type, etc.


Document Scanned

No entries are made without supporting documents. These documents are available for future reference, audit, verification, etc. This is also extremely environment friendly and ensures a virtually paperless office


Data Entry

All entries have supporting documents attached. While making the data entry, TDS and GST rules are pre-configured by the Senior Account Manager so that it does not depend on the data entry person's ability to ascertain tax applicability. Additionally, the team is trained to check to ensure the billing and tas details mentioned are accurate



The approval workflow feature helps the user to approve/reject any entry. This approval workflow is configured based on voucher type, ledger, amount, etc. to ensure the appropriate authority is giving the approval. Approvals can also be given by the RealBooks App



Since all entries have supporting documents attached, reviewing of accounts is easy. Back dated entries and edits are restricted to senior accountants only. The senior manager also reviews the accounts - checking for compliance, receivables, payable, and comparing with month on month accounts.


Automated Reporting

Reports are sent to the management automatically from RealBooks. Hence there is no dependency or chasing the accounting team for reports. These are pre-scheduled and automated. Hence our accounting team always remains on top of their job to ensure you get the correct reports. These can be configured to be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc..