audit & approval

Attach documents to each accounting entry - define approval matrix and approve entries on the go


Entry Approval

Individual entries are configured to be approved by seniors based on the type of entries. This ensures that all entries are checked. Additionally, there are notifications and alerts made on certain types of entries to notify the senior account manager / management so that they are aware of certain types of entries being made.


Periodic Review

Since all entries have supporting documents attached, reviewing of accounts is easy. Back dated entries and edits are restricted to senior accountants only. The senior manager also reviews the accounts - checking for compliance, receivables, payable, and comparing with month on month accounts.



While the RealEdge team does not undertake the role of your auditor, it automatically plays the role of an internal auditor with its approval and review processes. Additionally, with all entries having supporting documents attached, audit becomes a breeze with little disruption in the day to day activities of the accounting team. The auditor's team is handed over view access to the accounts which they can even access from the comfort of their offices.